Tijuana LDS Temple

Landscaping work in foreign countries always presents unique challenges, but the LDS Tijuana Temple has also been highly rewarding. The temple grounds are particularly unique because of the stark contrast between the peace and beauty of the temple grounds and the relatively barren feel of the surrounding neighborhoods. Of particular note is the three-tiered, 15’x30’ fountain.

The new temple is being built on an enormous lot, and is (now) surrounded with 499 trees, over 14,000 shrubs and perennials and over 1000 annual plants that we have installed. In all, there are now over 100 different species of plants installed on the grounds, and the Tijuana Temple contains easily twice as much landscaping as any of the other 13 LDS temples in Mexico.

The final stages of construction are underway in preparation for a public open house to be held November 13-28, 2015. The temple will be dedicated on 13 December 2015.

To see the Portfolio of Press photos of the LDS Tijuana Temple and the Temple grounds click on this link.

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